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Includes: Artist Statement, Artist Bio, Curriculum Vitae, Current Portfolio & Artwork Description(s).

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As a mixed media artist, I am constantly exploring the possibilities of combining various materials, textures, and colors to create artwork that is both visually compelling and emotionally evocative. My creative process is driven by a deep curiosity and fascination with the world around me, and I draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, including nature, mythology, and personal experience.
My work often incorporates a variety of found objects, as well as traditional art materials such as paint, charcoal, and ink. By layering these materials and juxtaposing different textures and colors, I strive to create pieces that are dynamic and multi-dimensional, inviting the viewer to engage with the work on both a visual and tactile level.
At the heart of my practice is a belief in the power of art to communicate complex emotions and ideas, and to inspire new ways of thinking and seeing. I am passionate about exploring the boundaries of what is possible with mixed media, and I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials to push my work in new and exciting directions.
Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create work that is both beautiful and meaningful, that invites the viewer to connect with the world around them in a deeper and more meaningful way. Through my art, I hope to inspire others to see the world with fresh eyes, and to embrace the beauty and complexity of the world around us.



Austin Damiano is a mixed media artist based in Seattle, Washington. She was born in the United States and grew up with a deep love for art and self-expression. From a young age, she was constantly drawing, painting, and creating, often spending hours lost in her own imagination.
After completing her formal education, Damiano began to focus on her art full-time. She is known for her innovative use of mixed media, incorporating found objects, text, and abstract shapes into her pieces. Her work often explores themes of identity, community, and the human experience.
In addition to her solo exhibitions, Damiano has collaborated with other artists and organizations to create large-scale installations and public art projects. Her work can be found in private collections across the United States and has been featured in galleries and museums throughout the Pacific Northwest.
Damiano is deeply committed to creating art that is both beautiful and thought-provoking. She believes that art has the power to bring people together and to inspire positive change in the world. When she is not in her studio, she can often be found volunteering her time with local arts organizations or exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
Despite her success as an artist, Damiano remains humble and grounded. She credits her community and her personal experiences with inspiring her work, and she is always eager to collaborate with others to bring new ideas and perspectives to her art

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Curriculum Vitae

Damiano Austin Seattle, WA | | (206) 939-2905 |


Damiano Austin is a Seattle-based mixed media artist with over 5 years of experience. Her unique and thought-provoking pieces demonstrate her keen eye for detail and her ability to infuse personal experiences into her artistic expression. She has a strong portfolio, showcasing her proficiency in various media, including painting, sculpture, and installation.


• Issaquah Highlands Global Grub & Groove [June 2022] • King Street Station [December 2019 - January 2020] • Radio City Valencia [April 2019] • Solo Exhibition: The Addison on Fourth Gallery [January 2018- February 2018] • ACES Exhibition: Seattle Center Armory [November 17-18, 2017] • The Gage Academy of Art: [November 17- December 2, 2017] • Gulf Stream Literary Magazine December 2017


• Jack Straw ASP [2018]


Damiano has taught art to students of all ages and abilities, including serving as a Teaching Artist at Olympic View Elementary in 2018.


  • Proficient in various media, including painting, sculpture, and installation

  • Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite and other graphic design software

  • Experienced in project management and working with clients to create commissioned pieces

  • Strong organizational skills with attention to detail

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


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Spring/Summer 2023

As the creative mastermind behind the mesmerizing "Kind of Bleu" gallery series, my heart swells with excitement as I unveil my latest works of art. My vision for this collection was to capture the intricate, awe-inspiring beauty of multiculturalism and diversity through my personal lens.

With every brushstroke, I meticulously crafted each portrait to showcase the stunning diversity found within humanity. The faces in my collection are an exquisite fusion of ethnicities and unique facial features, ingeniously inspired by Picasso's cubism style but reimagined with a modern twist, to create an unparalleled visual experience.

My color palette was chosen with intention and care, featuring brilliant hues of gold, silver, bronze, and yellow, various shades of blue,  red, orange, and brown. Each color was selected to accentuate and illuminate the exquisite complexity and beauty of every individual's unique features.

My goal was to create a dazzling tribute, that intentionally encapsulates the essence of our often overlooked similarities & intricacies. As an artist, I believe in pushing boundaries and challenging preconceived notions of identity and beauty. Through "Kind of Bleu," I endeavor to inspire others to celebrate the resplendence of beauty in their daily lives.

I wholeheartedly invite you to experience the magic of the "Kind of Bleu" gallery series in person. This collection transcends mere artwork; it is a celebration of the extraordinary richness and diversity of humanity, waiting to captivate and inspire all who lay eyes upon it.

 "Kind of Bleu" 20x20 print(s) on exquisite aquarelle rag.

Artist Submission: Portfolio
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